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Harsha Filters


Hydraulic Filters

The company deals with a wide range of Hydraulic Filters in the industry. The High Pressure Hydraulic Filters which we deliver in the market are effectively used for removing contaminates from the hydraulic fluid, which can reduce the services line of the system components through observe wear. These filters reduce hydraulic system’s downtime and hence improve the performance of the system. They also help in reducing component repair cost of the system. In addition to this, we are one of the major Exporters of Hydraulic Lubrication Filters.


We manufacture all types of import substitute filters as per customer’s requirement. The total R&D, and also modifications for the existing system can be provided. In line low-high pressure, simplex, duplex, tank top mounted, return line filters for hydraulic lubricating oil applications for stationary & mobile applications.


  • Hydraulic High Pressure Filter
    • Absolute rated Filter Elements having Beta ratio β > 75
    • 210 bar collapse rated Filter Elements for non bypass models
    • 30 bar collapse rated Filter Elements for bypass models

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    Hydraulic High Pressure Filter

  • High Pressure Filter Flange Mounted

    Input Power : 100-200W

    Temperature : 0-20 Deg C

    Torque : 200-400 Nm

    Speed : 1000-2000 Rpm

    Country of Origin : India

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    High Pressure Filter Flange Mounted

  • Suction Strainer

    Thickness : 0-5mm

    Mesh Size : 200-400cm

    Packaging Type : Carton Box

    Surface Finishing : Polished

    Handle Length : 10-20 Inch

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    Suction Strainer

  • Inline Filter

    Packaging Type : Wooden Box

    Particle Size : 200 Micron

    Pore Size : 0.22~80 Um

    Filter Length : 8 Inch

    Filtration Capacity : 20 Microns, 30 Microns

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    Inline Filter

  • Return Line Filter

    Overall Height : 130mm

    Particle Size : 100 Micron

    Pore Size : 0.22~90 Um

    Filter Length : 5 Inch

    Filtration Capacity : 30 Microns

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    Return Line Filter

  • Hydraulic Low Pressure Filter

    Diameter : 10 Inch, 20 Inch

    Packaging Type : Wooden Box

    Overall Height : 150mm

    Particle Size : 300 Micron

    Pore Size : 0.22~80 Um

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    Hydraulic Low Pressure Filter

  • Flame Arresters

    We are one of the finest Flame Arrester Manufacturers in India. A flame arrester is a safety device whose principal purpose is to prevent a flame entering or leaving a pipe or vessel or to prevent it travelling further down a pipe. In many cases it is used in conjunction with other components to create a safety system. A flame arrester uses an element with small apertures which allows gas or vapour to pass. If the apertures are smaller than the maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) for the gas or vapour then a flame cannot pass through the arrester, and is subsequently contained or extinguished. A flame arrester functions by forcing a flame front through channels too narrow to permit the continuance of a flame. These passages can be regular, like wire mesh or a sheet metal plate with punched holes, or irregular, such as those in random 


    There are different types of flame arrester, each of which is designed to handle certain conditions. It is essential that the

    • Deflagration Flame Arrester

      The deflagration arrestors are generally used with group I gases. These gases do not have the detonation characteristics. 

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      Deflagration Flame Arrester

    • Detonation Flame Arrester
      If the gases belong to II A, IIB and IIC group with high detonation characteristics and flame front travelling at speed exceeding Mach 1 (supersonic) then the detonation arresters are advised.  Detonation arrestors are also advised in pipelines with high working temperature of the

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      Detonation Flame Arrester

    • In Line Flame Arrester

         These flame arrestors are used in the pipe line and manufactured for flame deflagration and Detonation. 

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      In Line Flame Arrester

    • End Line Flame Arrester
      They are normally used on the storage tanks or for venting the combustible gases into the atmosphere. The protection of these flame arrestors is generally for Deflagration only.   These flame arrestors are used in the pipe line and manufactured for flame deflagration and

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      End Line Flame Arrester

    Filter Elements

    We are one of the finest filter manufacturers in India. Filter cartridges are designed to overcome the temperature and chemical compatibility limitations of fabric or synthetic fibre media. This will offer very high temperature resistance & can withstand high differential pressure. Filter cartridges are offered in SS 304, SS 316, Brass, Aluminium, Fiber Glass, Polyester and Nylon, Paper materials. These elements can be plain cylindrical or in pleated configuration to increase filtration area. Normally all stainless steel pleated & cylindrical filters are supported with coarser filter media to ensure no direct damages to main filtering media under process upsets. A bubble point test can be done to certify that no opening larger than the specified pore size exist in product joints or seams. No media migration occurs due to stainless steel material. These elements can be back washed & reused.


    Applications :

      • Candle Type Filter Element
        The filter medium used mainly includes stainless steel fiber sintered felt, sintered mesh, and stainless steel wire meshes.   Technical Specifications : SIZES : Sizes are available from 50 to 1500mm Length & 14 to 240 Outer diameter size.  Other/Higher sizes available on

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        Candle Type Filter Element

      • Pleated Type Filter Element
        The filter medium applied mainly includes stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel fiber sintered felt.    Technical Specifications : SIZES : Sizes are available from 10 to 1500mm Length & 14 to 240 Outer diameter size. Other/Higher sizes available on request FILTRATION AREA :

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        Pleated Type Filter Element

      • Disc Type Filter Element
        The materials of the disc filter element are metal fiber sintered felt, multi-layer sintered wire cloth, metal sintered woven mesh.   Technical Specifications : SIZES : Sizes are available maximum 388 Outer diameter size & Minimum 50 mm internal dia to maximum 220 mm outer dia, up to 6mm

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        Disc Type Filter Element

    Pressure Filters

    We offer Pressure filters, which are largely used for the protection of pumps and plants incorporated in hydraulic systems. These suction strainer filters are manufactured by us using cutting edge technology to ensure their immaculate quality. We can offer these suction strainer filters in customized dimensions to befit the requirements of our clients. 


    Features : 

    • Use of superior S.S Wire mesh 

    • Highly durable and functional 

    • Resistant to corrosion 

    • Tested for High Temperature



    • Low Pressure Filters

    • Medium Pressure Filters

    • High pressure

    • Medium Pressure Filter

      We offer a wide range of Medium Pressure Filters that are fabricated by using high grade raw material and specified as per the requirement by our clients. These are specially developed by high efficiency liquid filtration. 

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      Medium Pressure Filter

    • High Pressure Filter

      We offer a wide range of High Pressure Filters that are fabricated by using high grade raw material and specified as per the requirement by our clients. These are specially developed by high efficiency liquid filtration. 

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      High Pressure Filter

    • Low Pressure Filter

      We offer a wide range of Low Pressure Filters that are fabricated by using high grade raw material and specified as per the requirement by our clients. These are specially developed by high efficiency liquid filtration. 

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      Low Pressure Filter

    Basket Strainer

    We are one of the finest Basket Strainer Manufacturers in India. Basket filters & strainers will permit the straining & filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All baskets are easily removable & cleanable. Basket strainer elements can be offered in single, double or multi cylinder & pleated design depending upon requirement of application. They are constructed of filter housing, filter element supported with perforated cage, positive sealing arrangement to avoid any bypass & choice of end connections.


    Applications : 

    • Power Plant

    • Oil & Gas

    • Process Industries

    • Petrochemicals

    • Steel

    • Cement

    • Simplex Strainer
      simplex strainers are installed into systems that can be shut down for basket cleaning or change out.    material of construction : housing : low copper aluminium, mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, - other materials and coatings available on request.  flame element : ss316l, ss316, ss304,

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      Simplex Strainer

    • Duplex & Multi Strainer
      A duplex or multi basket strainer can operate continuously and never has to be shut down for cleaning. This type of basket strainer has two separate strainer basket chambers, not just one like a simplex strainer. These chambers are put into service independently. When one basket chamber becomes

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      Duplex & Multi Strainer

    Strainer Filter

    We are one of the finest bag filter manufacturers in India. Back flush strainers have been specifically designed for use in applications where an automatic cleaning strainer is required to ensure process continuity. They are very useful for applications where suspended solid load is comparatively high. They are also useful for filtration of highly viscous material and slurry-based filtration applications. Their working principle is based on the differential pressure parameters across the filter. One can set a clean pressure drop and a change-out pressure drop for uninterrupted filtration. 


    Applications :

    • Pulp and Paper 

    • Sewage Treatment Industry 

    • Water and Water Treatment 

    • Chemical Plants 

    • Food Processing Facilities

    • Steel mills

    • Mining Operations

    • Cement Manufacturing

    • Petrochemicals

    • Self Cleaning Strainer
      Automatic self-cleaning strainers are commonly used on water service where the disposal of debris and backwash water is not a problem. Continuous flow is assured and protection is provided for nozzles, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other process equipment. These high quality strainers can also

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      Self Cleaning Strainer

    • Backwash Strainer
      Backwash duplex filters are essentially duplex filters with difference. Sure, it is usual one working and other standby unit. But after change over upon one of unit choking, no need of opening of the unit for cleaning. The choked filter can be simply backwashed for cleaning and thus will be ready

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      Backwash Strainer

    Other Products

    • Air Filter
      Internal combustion engines needs large quantity of air for combustion of fuel. The air contains lot of foreign particles which are highly abrasive causing damage to rings, engine valves etc. leading to loss of power and more fuel consumption.   We are known for manufacturing and delivering

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      Air Filter

    • Panel Filters
      We are one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of a superior quality range of Filter Equipment. These can extract very small contaminants and are used for protection of fine filters in primary filtration process. Moreover, these are also known for features like reliable performance high

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      Panel Filters

    • Magnetic Filter
      We are one of the finest Magnetic Filter Manufacturers in India. Magnetic Filter is used for filtration of iron particles from products in liquid form & removes the hazards of unwanted ferrous and work-hardened stainless contaminants from processing lines. They capture the very finest of particles

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      Magnetic Filter

    • Paper Band Filter
      Our paper band filters are universally deployable felt filter units for the separation of hard substances from aqueous mediums. This System consists of two circular disc wheels duly mounted on central pipe connecting to hollow shaft. This keeps rolling on honey comb belt on the disc axis. Filter

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      Paper Band Filter

    • Bag Filter Cartridge
      We are one of the finest bag filter manufacturers in India. Commonly known as bag houses, fabric collectors use filtration to separate dust particulates from dusty gases. Bag filter system is designed for optimum filtration performance. Its range provides filtration solution for a broad variety of

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      Bag Filter Cartridge

    • Suction Strainer Filter
      We are engaged in offering a wide range of suction filter to our clients. Suitable for installation in the suction ports of the pump or submerged in the reservoir and attached to the suction line leading to the pump, our range of suction filters is used to protect the pump from large particles

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      Suction Strainer Filter

    • Y & T Strainer
      We are one of the finest ‘Y/T’ Strainers manufacturers in India. ‘Y/T’ Strainers take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. They are intended for applications where small

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      Y & T Strainer

    • Conical Filters
      We are manufacture of conical filter. We equipped with sophisticated machinery those facilities in the production of our conical filters. These conical filters are design to protection & are known for compact size, robust design, low pressure drop & easy maintenance. Our filters are with conical

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      Conical Filters

    • Oil and Gas Filter
      We offer wide range of oil & gas filtration systems for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes. Made in various sizes according to our client’s specifications, these are fabricated using supreme quality raw materials. Used in various chemical

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      Oil and Gas Filter


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