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Paper Band Filter

Our Paper Band Filteris universally deployable felt filter unit for the separation of hard substances from aqueous mediums. The Paper Band Filter consists of two circular disc wheels duly mounted on central pipe connecting to hollow shaft. This keeps rolling on honey comb belt on the disc axis. Filter media is allowed to pass between disc and the honey comb belt with no relative motion. So perfect sealing is achieved for zero leakage and efficient filtration. The dirty coolant is allowed to enter through the centre hollow shaft having multiple pouring slots inside for uniform distribution over the filtration bed. Good hydrostatic head results in building up of dirt layer cake with itself, which enhances the filtration efficiency. As soon as the dirty coolant increase it touches the sensor level, the level sensor signals geared motor to drive the honey comb belt allowing the new media to pass gradually inside for fresh filtration and at the same time to remove the used media along with the dirt cake. Filtered coolant comes out at the bottom in to the clean tank for pumping back to the machine.

Features :
  • Drop centre paper band filter with automatic paper transport
  • Filter felt laterally cleanly bound and sealed
  • Optionally with magnet-barrel to separate ferrite particles
  • Optionally with recirculation pump for the cleaned liquid
  • High efficient way of filtration guarantees fine finish, dimensional accuracy, increased tool life
  • Keeps your machine clean & reduces costly machine down time for periodical cleaning
  • Avoids bacterial growth and wastage of expensive coolants
  • Where heavy stock removal increases the temperature of the coolant
  • This system of filtration due to sufficient exposure to air helps to control the same

Technical Specifications :
  • Material of construction : C-steel, varnished RAL5010 or stainless steel 1.4301, unvarnished
  • Flame felt : Material according to installation requirements
  • Sizes : Available from 500mm Paper size to 1300mm Paper size.
  • Flow rate : capacity up to 1200 LPM
  • Filtration rating : Filtration rating available from 15 microns to 60 microns