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Magnetic Filter

We are one of the foremost Magnetic Filter Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in India. Magnetic Filter is used for filtration of iron particles from products in liquid form & removes the hazards of unwanted ferrous and work-hardened stainless contaminants from processing. Magnetic Filter captures the very finest of particles that pass undetected through electronic metal detectors. Placed in front of pumps, screens and mills, Magnetic Filter protects vital plant equipment from metal damage, with its costly resultant â downtime. Magnetic Filter is also frequently used in hydraulic circuits in cooling systems. Magnetic Filter is made up of either ceramic or high intensity rare earth magnets. The Magnet unit is enclosed in stainless steel housing making it suitable for use in Chemical, Paper & Ceramic Industry.

The Magnetic Filter is easily removable from the Stainless Steel enclosure by loosening a few quick release fasteners. For the removal of fine magnetic particles or oxidized iron particles, normally Magnetic Filter with high intensity rare earth magnets is recommended. The Magnetic Filter comprises of a vessel and magnetic lid assembly with fasteners that secures the unit together.

Applications :
  • Lubricants
  • Coolants
  • Process industries
  • Hydraulic oils slurries
  • Liquid chemicals
  • Liquid food products
  • Heavy machinery

Technical Specifications :
  • Material of construction :
    • Aluminium housing with alnico magnets
    • Stainless Steel housing with alnico magnets
    • Aluminium housing with neodymium magnets
    • Stainless Steel housing with neodymium magnets
    • Other materials available on request
  • End connection : Flanged (As per requested Table.), Threaded (NPT or BSP), Tri Clover adaptors, SMS / Dairy End Connection
  • Sizes : Sizes are available from 1/2" Line size to 12" Line size. Other/Higher sizes available on request
  • Mounting : Units can be mounted in vertical, horizontal, or sloped positions without affecting capture and hold rate. For CIP (clean in place) systems, without a sump, all separators should be mounted vertically
  • Flow rate Capacity : Up to 2000 m3/ hr. More Flow rates available on request
  • Pressure rating : Up to 210 PSI. High-pressure ratings available on request