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Harsha Filters

Flame Arresters

We are one of the finest Flame Arrester Manufacturers in India. A flame arrester is a safety device whose principal purpose is to prevent a flame entering or leaving a pipe or vessel or to prevent it travelling further down a pipe. In many cases it is used in conjunction with other components to create a safety system. A flame arrester uses an element with small apertures which allows gas or vapour to pass. If the apertures are smaller than the maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) for the gas or vapour then a flame cannot pass through the arrester, and is subsequently contained or extinguished. A flame arrester functions by forcing a flame front through channels too narrow to permit the continuance of a flame. These passages can be regular, like wire mesh or a sheet metal plate with punched holes, or irregular, such as those in random 


There are different types of flame arrester, each of which is designed to handle certain conditions. It is essential that the flame arrester is correctly specified to ensure that a flame is extinguished (or properly contained) and that an explosion is prevented from propagating through the equipment. The first step in specifying a flame arrester is to determine the location of the potential ignition source. Only when this has been established can one start to understand what is to be protected and how.


Applications :

  • Vapour Recovery Lines, 
  • Combustible gas lines of low-high calorific value gas, 
  • Fuel gas lines, 
  • Purge lines, 
  • Compressors, 
  • Waste treatment plants, 
  • Flare systems, 
  • Burners, 
  • Incinerators, 
  • Biogas lines, 
  • Storage tanks, 
  • Engines, 
  • Chemical, Petrochemical Plants, 
  • Gas Trains, 
  • Pulp and Paper, 
  • Food and Beverage, 
  • Process Industry, 
  • Adhesives, Resins, Paints, 
  • Automotive etc.